The essence of the sea,
brought to your table

Our history takes us back to tales of salting masters, gutters, barrel makers, coopers and fishermen who have worked loyally over more than 70 years.

Since 1950

The origins of the Grupo Consorcio go back to the Italian salters who arrived on the coast at Santoña in the late 19th century in search of anchovies. Charmed by the landscape and the people of Cantabria, they settled in our beloved seaside town.

Nowadays, we are fortunate to be an international company, although we still use the same artisanal technique that we learnt from the Italian salters. We select the best catch and take meticulous care with the whole manufacturing process to ensure you a real taste of the sea in each mouthful.

Consorcio – Desde 1950

The sea is emblematic of the food that we sell. Consequently, we like to take care of it.

Consorcio – Anchoas de Santoña

Santoña Anchovies

Salted anchovies are a culinary delicacy that has made us sales leaders all over the world. It requires a meticulous artisanal process, entrusted only to expert hands. In spring, when the shoals of anchovies approach our shores, the boats go out at dawn using purse seine nets, a selective art of environmentally friendly fishing.

Consorcio – Bonito del norte

Longfin tuna

Grupo Consorcio has led longfin tuna sales in Spain for over ten years. Its excellent flavour is the result of a process that follows traditions meticulously. In the summer months, the tuna reaches our shores after an exciting journey that starts way back in the Sargasso Sea. Catching, cleaning and manual separation of each specimen requires real skill.

Grupo Consorcio – Atún claro

Yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna is found in the open waters of tropical and subtropical seas throughout the world. At Grupo Consorcio, we only sell produce caught exclusively in the Atlantic Ocean, an origin with recognised prestige that helps us guarantee its high quality. To keep its freshness and characteristics, we still use our artisanal process, following traditional lore.


We respect natural resources not only as the fish are caught but also during the production process, and we work constantly to reduce our environmental impact.

We try to preserve fish and the oceans, the basis of our product, and respect the families that depend on fishing as a way of life through our firm commitment to the sea.

Our commitment

Grupo Consorcio – Sostenibilidad

Consorcio ECO Line, 100% sustainable

On the inside, our best raw material, processed traditionally by expert hands, awarded the ecological farming AOVE and MSC certificate for sustainable fishing. On the outside, environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging, completely recyclable with biodegradable labels. A range of products with values that reflect our commitment, encouraging responsible consumption.

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Grupo Consorcio – Consorcio ECO 100% sostenible
Grupo Consorcio – La esencia del mar en tu mesa

Work for expert hands

We protect our traditions by maintaining the artisanal method at each phase of the production process. The art of gutting and filleting that has been passed down from grandmothers to granddaughters and from mothers to daughters. The gutters take care and time to separate the anchovies into two fillets and remove the tiny bones. This is the key to pleasing even the most demanding palates.

Albacore and tuna are also processed traditionally.  The fish are meticulously cleaned by hand, providing fillets with no skin, bones or dark parts.

Grupo Consorcio – Un trabajo para manos expertas

Authentic flavour

Olive oil and the best raw material, what more do you need? We thereby guarantee and preserve all the properties of anchovies, longfin tuna and sought-after tuna belly fillets.

Healthy, nutritious products that are easy to prepare for consumers that demand quality. Ready to share at your table among family or friends, for a real gourmet experience. Because it’s always a good time to give yourself a treat and enjoy a delicious bite from the sea.

Our recipes

Consorcio – Recetas con sabor auténtico